Being consequential, the real thing to do.

I think there's a misunderstanding here regarding my previous post. I am not saying that people shouldn't be in solidarity with France, Lebanon, Kenya, Irak or anybody else. Also, I don't think that being against the idea of people praying for Paris is because I think religion is a bad thing (I sincerely do not think so, even if I am not a religious person at all; to believe in something higher is a human thing, even more so in times of distress and suffering). What I DO think is that good wishes evaporate in the air. Prayers are just that, good wishes. Putting up a picture of a flag on your Facebook wall is the same thing. Furthermore, reminding people that they are being hypocrites for not paying attention to other less media-favored societies is exactly the same. Good wishes, ideas, that one week from now will disappear when life becomes, once again, "business as usual".

But people, instead of praying, putting your flags up and showing others how much you care... THINK! What difference do we make at the end of the day, saying stuff on social media? Nothing at all, unless you start thinking critically at why things are happening. If this teaches us all anything, if there is anything that we can do at all, is that we need to reflect on the state of the world and act accordingly. Don't just pray to a God that's going to solve things; instead, vote against people who continue to disseminate this idea of justice that translates into continuing to kill people; or make your vote count towards helping people, whoever they are (not only Syrians, but also homeless, the poor, those who are not like "us"). Instead of giving good wishes, go out and protest for change. Inform yourself, find out more instead of just being so passive. Instead of telling others how they should feel ashamed, share more news that will help people realize that things are NOT fine either where you are or in areas of conflict (isn't that how you realized that to begin with, by seeing things you didn't know before?). This is not about France, Lebanon, the United States, Kenya or any other country. This is about humanity and you can do something about it. But don't ‪#‎prayforparis‬, leaving fixing the world to God or to religion is lazy as shit and it does not make you a better person. Do something yourself, truly help yourself and those around you. You will surely make more waves that way.

If, on the other hand, you think that this doesn't concern you, you are just very very wrong.