The links between then and now in photography


Here is a link to an amazing set of photos that resonate today. These were taken by one of Hitler's personal photographers in Jewish ghettos in Poland at a time when color photography was still in its infancy (but resonate with us modern viewers because they appear natural to our color-accustomed eyes). These people would be exterminated weeks or months after these photos were taken. Almost 75 years later, baring the differences, don't these sort of pictures and environment seem uncannily familiar? Despite all we say about our "civilized" life, people considered "inferior" by certain powers (or groups of the general population, however minorities or majorities they might be) are not treated that differently even today. Here photography allows us to make a very clear connection between past and present; between what was a long time ago and what we continue to be now.

Original source: The Brink of Oblivion: Color Photos From Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1940
"Haunting color photographs made by Adolf Hitler's personal photographer, Hugo Jaeger, in the ghettos of Warsaw and the smaller Polish city of Kutno in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1939 and 1940."